Cardiovascular Biomedicine Journal

Cardiovascular Biomedicine Journal

The first meeting of the editorial board of "Cardiovascular Biomedicine Journal"


The launching session of the Journal of the Cardiovascular Research Center was held on 19th July 2020.

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Seyed Jalil Mirhosseini

Chairman Manager: Dr. Seyed Mostafa Seyed Hosseini

Deputy Editor: Dr. Nastaran Ahmadi

Executive Director: Dr. Mohammadtaghi Sarban


The first semiannually issue of "Cardiovascular Biomedicine Journal" was published in the Yazd Cardiovascular Research Center on 22 August 2021.

It hereby invites respected researchers, professors and students to send their valuable articles to this journal. The email for publication in the next volume is as followed:

E-mail: &                                     Phone number: 035-35231421---internal 3










Holding the second meeting of the editorial board of Cardiovascular Biomedicine

The second editorial board meeting of Cardiovascular Biomedicine Journal was held in the Yazd Cardiovascular Research Center on 3th November 2021. In this meeting, with the presence of the editorial board members, it was decided on publishing some accepted articles in the second volume of the journal.